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Top 5 Remarkably Stylish Gadgets with Smart Lighting Features to Spruce Up Your Divoom Collection

1. Divoom Tivoo Max: A Decent Audio and Light Show Combo

Divoom Tivoo Max

The Divoom Tivoo Max is a 2.1 Stereo, with both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections. Its standout feature? A dazzling 256 programmable LED panel that brings an uncanny sense of chic style to your gadget collection. As a smart device, the Tivoo Max comes with a mobile app control for seamless integration with your routines. It has built-in intelligent sensors, ambient lights, and even acts as a digital signboard for fun messages. The DJ mixer and pixel art games make it a total entertainment package.

2. Divoom Pixoo: Display Your Pixoo Art

Divoom Pixoo

The Divoom Pixoo is a smart pixel art signboard with multidimensional features. It packs 16 million vivid colors in its LED display and can sync beautifully with your music of choice. Some of its advanced uses include fitness training, a stopwatch, and it stands out as an aesthetic piece in any setting. It's more like having an animated, programmable art frame in your house with cloud-based pixel art designs and a handy app for seamless controls. The Pixoo also offers weather, time, and internet notifications. This device truly adds a modern touch to your Divoom collection.

3. Divoom Ditoo: Relive Retro Vibes

Divoom Ditoo

The Divoom Ditoo brings back the feeling of the good old days in an incredibly stylish way. This pixel art portable speaker has a retro PC design, complete with a programmable LED screen. The Ditoo not only offers quality acoustic sounds but its smart alarm and sleep aid features make it an essential item on your bedside table. It comes with an app with a user-friendly interface, creating a fun and engaging experience for all retro tech enthusiasts.

4. Divoom Tivoo: Compact and Classy

Divoom Tivoo

The Divoom Tivoo is like the smaller and slimmer sibling of the Tivoo Max. It is a 16x16 portable Bluetooth LED speaker that stands out with its cool retro TV design, great audio, and rich pixel art capabilities. It can mimic the sunrise to ease your morning routine, provide useful daily notifications, play games, and synthesize your favorite tunes. It's not only a high-quality speaker but also a cute desk accessory compatible with your smart devices.

5. Divoom Timebox EVO: A Multifunctional Desk Companion

Divoom Timebox Evo

The Divoom Timebox-Evo is a versatile gadget that oozes style with its pixel art display. With 16 million selectable colors, the Timebox EVO has a stunning visual capacity. From FM radio tunes to diverse alarm rings, it's impressive. It serves as a reminder, a sleep aid, a mood light, an audio recorder, and even a social media notification window. Moreover, it is noise-canceling for high-quality audio irrespective of the setting.


Smart lighting gadgets from Divoom not only up the aesthetics of your space but also add practical become essential accessories in your modern lifestyle. They make life fun and manageable with pixel art display, notification features, and quality sound. Amid all this, they retain their novelty to make your spaces stand out. So, enhance your Divoom collection today with these stylish gadgets. Lights, music, act!